Flatbed Equipment Trailers

Flatbed equipment trailers have a deck that is up over the wheels for maximum hauling width. Standard features such as heavy frames, radial tires, and easy lubrication axles coupled with lots of available options mean we have just the right trailer for you!

Gooseneck Trailers

We build Gooseneck trailers for Malone, TX. Gooseneck trailers are incredibly advantageous. Their increased stability can accommodate more weight for bigger workloads, so get your own today! Our selection of gooseneck trailers is all quality-made and crafted. Visit us near Malone, Texas today to see why many people trust us as their gooseneck trailer dealer!


Utility Trailers

The open trailer design offers a more versatile space for loading cargo. That's why utility trailers are a useful asset to have. Just visit us, your local utility trailer dealer, to shop for an impressive lineup of models. From Malone, Texas, we deliver superior utility trailer prices to all!

Buying the Right Utility Trailer

Getting an open utility trailer can help make all your hauling needs a little bit easier. They’re often easier to load and are usually the better choice for bulkier items. That’s why you’ll want to stop by P&C Trailers in Malone, Texas. We’ll show you the utility trailers for sale right now!

Consider Your Needs

When you’re looking at your options, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • What you’ll need out of your utility trailer in terms of what you’re hauling. Be sure to have room for all your cargo and are able to secure everything in place for transit.
  • Make a list of must-have performance and design features, or come in with an idea of how you’ll be using your utility trailer and we’ll help you fill in the blanks.

Towing Concerns

This starts with making sure the utility trailer you choose is strong enough to carry the weight of the cargo you intend to transport. You’ll also want to make sure your tow vehicle can handle the extra weight. Every vehicle has towing limitations set by the manufacturer of the vehicle. You’ll want to find out the GCWR, or gross combined weight rating, for your SUV or truck in order to ensure it’s good to handle a loaded trailer. If not, you may need to find a smaller utility trailer and make multiple trips, or you’ll need to make arrangements to use a different tow vehicle.

Where Will You Store It?

Have a plan for when you’re not using it. Luckily, utility trailers are more compact, so this might not be so difficult for some, especially if you have a large property or garage. You can also ask about storage unit options. Avoid leaving your trailer on the street. Not only does this leave it vulnerable to thieves, but there are also legal limitations on how long a vehicle can be parked on public roads.

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